بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيم

Ya Allah!Limpahkanlah rahmat yang penuh dan kesejahteraan yang sempurna ke atas penghulu kami Nabi Muhammad SAW yang terungkai dengannya oleh simpulan dan terhapus dengannya oleh segala kesusahan dan diselesai dengannya dengan segala hajat dan dicapai dengannya segala kegemaran dan mudah-mudahan cantik kesudahan serta diharapkan turun hujan dengan berkat wajahnya yang mulia.Dan juga di atas keluarganya dan sahabat-sahabatnya pada setiap detik dan nafas dengan bilangan setiap yang maklum bagiMu.

July 2, 2012

Everyone is getting married

Everyone who is dear to me is getting married
Starting from my adik buddy
Next week, she is going to be a wifey
As the name of adik implies, of course she is younger than me, 1year younger
Seriously I dont know about it initially
Because all this while, she never story to me about her crush :)
When I opened FB that day, I saw a wedding invitation from her
I felt like, 'whattt??'
Just few days before, we had our chit chat but still she wanna hide from me!Eishhh
Whatever it is, seriously I'm happy for you dik (^_____^)Y
See u next sem with the new status ya

Second goes to my kakak buddy
She's just graduated as a doctor last week
This one, I also dont have the idea
Tup tup we're being invited to her wedding ceremony this coming raya puasa!
Ooh sist, congratulation to you for both!

Then goes my best buddy!
She's getting married this merdeka day
Alhamdulillah their 8 years-relationship will finally end up with a baitul muslim insyaAllah
Actually that guy used to be our classmates and their story began at Form 4 :)
How we initially teased him during class decoration on that prep night
How that guy moved on with his first step
How hard she had to be before they became close
And how they continued their love story in Japan when they were offered to further studies there
They graduated succesfully and came back early this year with the decision to unite
May God bless both of you and ease everything
And of course I'm not going to miss your big day dear friend!

Next my two dear big brothers
I remembered my birthday present wishes last year
I requested for sister-in-law(s) from them
And their answer is 'lex dulu..x habis enjoy lagi' :P (konon,ceh!)
Very soon my mom will be granted with two daughter-in-laws
One is going to be on this end of September
Another one, April next year?insyaAllah
May He give all the strength to my mom
Because I'm sure she is going to be a very busy lady in this world physically & mentally!
Super power mama! :)

Last but not least, my dearest friend Oin
We had gone through thick and thin together
We shared same interest during secondary school - sukan olahraga supervised by Cikgu Mad!
Being engaged last May
Probably next year, she will end her 'Miss' title, isn't In? :)
I'm extremely happy for you! No word can describe it

 My best buddy
8 years ago, we have the plan to stay together as neighbour when both of us get married later
Well, we'll see :)

 My 1st and 2nd brothers
Good looking isn't?
Sorry girls out there, u missed both! Hahaaa

 Typical Oin, love to be as simple as she can
But beware, she was a debater before
And maybe she used that skill to convince her parents to get engaged! Hee~

 And this photo is specially dedicated to me, I reckon :P
Credit to my 1st brother for this beautiful photo!
Ohh other than his main job as network engineer (if I'm not mistaken hahaaa), he's also a professional photographer
Can have a look at his awesome handworks..Just click here

And my last word for this entry
Barakallah lakuma wa jamaa baina kuma bil khair


Ainur Naseeha Roslan said...

singgah sini..hye akk! waa..smua org nk kawen..bleh tau ke..spe adk buddy akk yg nk kawen tu? rash eh?

ishanokokoro said...

hye ainur!
mekasih singgah :)
a'ah rash :)

saiyidatul said...

moga ketika kita menjaga hati,si dia juga sedang menjaga hati..
moga ketika kita sedang bermujahadah, si dia juga sedang bermujahadah:)
berdoalah..kerana hati kita ALLAH yang pegang:)