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March 22, 2012

An emo me

Today I'm very emotional.Dont know why la.PMS kott? :p
After a few events that occured today, I wish I am a very expert doctor!

"Live life to the fullest...but you must know your limitations and responsibilities!!"
-quoted by Dr Halina Yunos-
(alaaa wife Dr Sheikh Muszaphar tu laa)

Makin lama duk dalam clinical posting ni, makin saya realize being a doctor is not easy, at all.
(yes no doubt with the other professions also but I focused on medical profession because it's what I'm going to be in 1 year time insyaAllah)

One scenario.
She is a houseman officer who is oncall. After review patients in the ward at that night, she was called by A&E people to review a 60 years old patient who presented with chest pain. Urgent blood investigations were out and showed hyperkalaemia. So, what should she do?

"You are not graduated from medical schools if you dont know how to treat hyperkalaemia."
-quoted by a registrar (doctor who will become a specialist soon)-

Nampak macam small matter..alaa potassium je pon big deal la..and you dig your own grave!
Patient can die with hyperkalaemia you know. How? Google eh? :)

And today, I asked myself,
"Am I qualified enough to have the title 'Dr' in front of my name??"
Aiyooo...boleh pengsan bila fikir :P

Sometimes kan I feel like I take this for granted. Always make it in the simplest way although it is not simple AT ALL. Go ward rounds, seminars, classes, teachings, fullfill the logbook requirements and at the end, I learned nothing. Oh my goodness! Very bad attitude lah.

"Remember, you (later when become a houseman officer) are the 1st liner. You are the first one who will clerk the patient  before others. So you must know what to do, what to elicit."
-quoted again-

1 year left for me to polish everything that I'm lacking of.

::::: surgery posting :::::

  • Rasa macam makin makin jauh from my spiritual source....Astaghfirullahalazim
  • The One that you should seek for is Allah SWT The Almighty

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