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Ya Allah!Limpahkanlah rahmat yang penuh dan kesejahteraan yang sempurna ke atas penghulu kami Nabi Muhammad SAW yang terungkai dengannya oleh simpulan dan terhapus dengannya oleh segala kesusahan dan diselesai dengannya dengan segala hajat dan dicapai dengannya segala kegemaran dan mudah-mudahan cantik kesudahan serta diharapkan turun hujan dengan berkat wajahnya yang mulia.Dan juga di atas keluarganya dan sahabat-sahabatnya pada setiap detik dan nafas dengan bilangan setiap yang maklum bagiMu.

March 10, 2012

The kids are awesome!


Just finished my paediatric posting, a 6 weeks posting with the kids who are the most awesome creatures of God in earth! Yeahh I adore kids so much :D

Someone asked me, "Nanti nak ambik pakar apa?"
"Paediatrician cam sesuai"

Yes it's true that I love to play with kids but doesn't mean that I have to become a paediatric consultant right?
Sometimes kan rasa macam nak ambik part time job kat nursery so that I can cuddle all the babies there everyday, everytime I like even when they are sleeping! Haha ~

Back to my past 6 weeks in paediatric posting, I met a lot of kids. From 1 day old until 17 years old. Yes as long as you are school-aged, you will be put in paediatric ward if you are given the 'chance' to be admitted. And those kids of course were not well. And the illness that I encountered most was respiratory infection in which it could be as simple as pharyngitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia or life threatening status asthmaticus. Not to be forgotten, febrile fit in children (second most common in the list after asthma). So watch out if your child is having fever with a spiking temperature, almost 40 C ok!

Other than those kids in which their illness can be prevented and treated well, I was able to meet more serious cases. I met a 3 months old baby with cystic hygroma with a suction tube connected to her enlarged neck, a 2 years old boy with Tetralogy of Fallot (a congenital heart disease) presented with hypercyanotic spell (bluish discolouration of hands, foot, lip), a 4 years old girl with cerebral palsy (a neurological disorder originate from the brain), hydrocephalus baby, leukemic patients and many more. 

One scenario. During my posting at HRPZII, I met this 4 months old baby girl. Presented with fast breathing, actually she has underlying Kabuki Syndrome (a genetic problem with multiple complications) and Patent Ductus Arteriosus ( a heart problem in which the blood vessel which supposed to close after birth is still there). She needed to be supplied with continuous oxygen using mask that cover all of her face & head ( I forgot the name) and being fed with the milk using tube. The lines were here & there and physically, she appeared obviously different from a normal child. Both of her parents were there by her side (everyday). On my last day there, she was severely tachypnoiec and was sent to ICU. Her parents were just cool but I could sense the worries on their face. 

Sungguh, bukan calang-calang hamba Allah yang mampu terima dugaan seperti ini. Saya selalu terfikir bagaimana seorang ibu/ayah  mampu menjadi begitu kuat tika harus menjaga seorang anak yang tidak sempurna seperti kanak-kanak yang lain? Apatah lagi saat mula2 mendapat tahu bahawa si kecil itu tidak sempurna? Saya tidak punya jawapannya namun saya yakin mereka seorang yang SANGAT SANGAT SANGAT kuat. Anak kecil itu juga kuat. Jika tidak, masakan Allah SWT menguji mereka sedemikian rupa? Senang sahaja kita untuk berkata itu & ini namun yang merasai & menanggungnya ialah mereka. Doa saya agar Allah SWT sentiasa bersama mereka. Ameen ~

Since then, I realized one thing. Be grateful! We were a baby before, a kid and a child who grew normally as the other children. Been born without serious complication that might affect our growth. We played everything we want without limit. In short, we enjoyed our childhood. But not all children of the same age as us were able to do that. They have limits. If not, it might worsen their illness. So tepuk dada, tanya iman. Sudah cukup bersyukur ke kita?

 Our last day in paediatric posting
And I'm going to miss all those kids
May He bless all of you!


a'in_farahin said...

dats the reason i love paeds!! there are full of loves~ <3

ishanokokoro said...

me too!they dont understand what they're going through but they know they have to be strong to survive <3