بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيم

Ya Allah!Limpahkanlah rahmat yang penuh dan kesejahteraan yang sempurna ke atas penghulu kami Nabi Muhammad SAW yang terungkai dengannya oleh simpulan dan terhapus dengannya oleh segala kesusahan dan diselesai dengannya dengan segala hajat dan dicapai dengannya segala kegemaran dan mudah-mudahan cantik kesudahan serta diharapkan turun hujan dengan berkat wajahnya yang mulia.Dan juga di atas keluarganya dan sahabat-sahabatnya pada setiap detik dan nafas dengan bilangan setiap yang maklum bagiMu.

November 22, 2012


Those who know what are going to happen to me today absolutely know what does it mean
Those who dont know, here's the reason ; my end of medical posting long case exam is postponed!
Is it a big deal?? Yessss, at first!

About 20 minutes before the exam (which was supposed to be), I waited for my supervisor's reply to give me the number of bed and patient to clerk. I waited and waited. 5 minutes.10 minutes. 30 minutes. Restless. Then, I called his PA using medical department's office, just to know wether he was available or not.

2 minutes later, I felt like crying when I received a message from him.

*I was tension enough when I have to read the books in my hot room while my friends already have their own treats out there.
*Btw, my supervisor is a Pengarah Kampus; of course he is super duper busy with full schedule! And I understand it and yeahh I'm proud to be his mantee (dont you think it's quite a lucky thing to meet a well-known person personally? :)))

"Wassalam. I have to postpone the long case to 3 Dec at same time as I'm in a meeting"

Cant u see there?3 Dec???Another 2 weeks and I'm already in O&G posting at that time T_T *mood crying*

But suddenly, I felt like someone hitting my parietal part of head!

"Hey you!Why you have to be sad???Do you want to be against what HE already planned for you?"

Serves you right!

My internal monolog goes....

"Learning medicine is a continuous process! It was just a postponed-exam matter. Haisyyy..And you are already in final year dear (InsyaAllah) and PROFESSIONAL III is just around the corner. You cant be like what you're during Year 4. Exported home all your Sarawak Handbook, OHCM, Kumar & Clark, Telly O Connor etc2 and brought in your Ten Teachers of Obstetric & Gynaecology books once you finished your medical posting and going to enter O&G posting. But now, it's totally different! While you are studying about pre-eclampsia, you have to open your notes on Pulmonary Tuberculosis also. While you are palpating mother's abdomen, you cant forget on how to auscultate for a murmur. This is what we called continuous learning process. Dont study just to pass the exam but study to become a safe doctor. This is what we lack of now....."

and my silver lining is HE wants me to be a safe doctor

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